Tips to be a successful recording artist

Always be on time : Time is $$..Being on time is an important principle in everything in life. Being on time can save you a lot in this music industry, and it also proves how serious the artist is about his/her music. Being on time @ Camer Records or any recording studio puts a smile on the face to the team of producers and engineers ready to develop and construct your creation into high quality sound production. If your not on time you will be billed from the time you reserved your booking and the artist will not Digg into someones  time slot. Thus, the artist is wasting his/her time,talent,the producer/engineers time(which is very valuable $$$), and his/her own money. So please be on time and make everyone happy, including yourself. 🙂

Be Prepared : Please be prepared.. Please be Ready.. how can you be spending money, but not being productive ? It doesn’t make sense to me. People go to the studio with no plan on how to lay down the vocals. Then why did you go to the studio for ? to play ? The studio is not a playground especially when you are spending money. What i mean by being prepared is bringing your own pre-recorded tracks(beat) in a USB Flash-drive. There will be no downloading of beats from YouTube or any internet source. Always have a Flash-drive or some sort of computer compatible storage device with you to the studio for import and export of your Masters.
Have your vocals ready. Prepare your lyrics at home(intro, verse, hook, ad-lips, outro, etc) before you come to the studio. do not come to the studio and start writing your lyrics. That is very unprofessional.Master you lyrics (educational cramming). Why read from a pad or phone when you can master it ?. You cant serve two masters at the same time. Delivering hot firing lyrics  while looking at the your pad at the same damn time in the booth is like serving two masters. This is not good because you are viewed as an amateur. You will yield a greater emotion to the music if you master your lyrics rather than serving two masters. Serving two masters yields less emotions since your trying to read and deliver at the same time, thus loosing focus of the vocal emotion or tone needed for the musical production. So if you want to sound like and be viewed as a professional artist, a tutor, a master of art, cram your lyrics. 🙂

Producer-Artist Relationship : Executive Producer are the brains in the whole music production. Recording Artists are the heart of the whole music production. They need each other to survive the battle to quality music. Producers wont achieve nothing without an artist and vise versa. They both need to combine ideas to produce a solid foundation of music. Artists should always listen to their executive producers because they are like coaches. They view the whole music production from a distance and analyze it to its full level.Producers have the ability of greater creation than recording artists, but they still need the recording artists in order to achieve success. An artist job is to come up with the lyrics or get a ghostwriter and perform the track in the booth period. Let the producer proceed with the next step. Artists, don’t interfere with the producer while his/shes working. They are labeled producers because they oversee the whole music production. So, they know what they are doing.  The artist should understand that the producer has his own mindset which is greater and have a better view than the artists.So artists, please listen to your producers. They will make your music interesting in the ears of listeners. 🙂

Randolph Akame (ALLDAY)
Executive Producer @ Camer Records


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